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  1. Prioritize large list management in SharePoint Online

    Large list management has to become a priority. Even with the most thought out and careful planning, inevitably something will come up and you need to make a change to a list or library. Once that goes over 5,000 items, it becomes impossible to do anything management related to the list, which actually hinders it's use. Users can continually add files, but you can't do anything to help them.

    This has to be addressed in some fashion, whether it is allowing APIs like REST and CSOM to bypass this restriction so they can perform basic administrative operations or giving us…

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    21 comments  ·  Lists  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce that the ability to add indexes to lists of any size is available to SharePoint Online customers as of March 2018. You can now go to “Indexed columns” in List or Library Settings page, and add indexes even if your list has more than 5,000 items. For up to 20,000 items, the indexing should be near instantaneous. For lists with more than 20,000 items, indexing will use a background process and may take some time, usually minutes, but possibly longer if there are a lot of items and if SharePoint is busy serving other requests. Similarly, you are also able to remove indexes that you no longer need.

    We are continuing to work on making larger lists work better, so we will keep this item open. Please don’t hesitate to send feedback if you are running into issues while managing your large lists, and…

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