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  1. Bring Back Script Editor Web Part in "Modern" SharePoint

    The Script Editor Web Part has been replaced by the Content Editor (which does a very limited iframe) and the new SPFX stuff. I am not a developer, but knowledgeable in HTML, Javascript, CSS. The SEWP met some very complex use cases (targeted for replacement by SPFX), but also some very simple use cases.

    Example: Insert a formatted single HTML button, something that is big, draws attention, and encourages the user to click it to start an action.

    What might be just 2 lines of code, has now turned into (what looks like) hundreds of files of deployment, installing all…

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    44 comments  ·  Web Parts  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    We do not intend to bring back a way to create or add ungoverned code on modern SharePoint pages. Therefore there won’t be any modern version of the script editor web part shipped from Microsoft. There are open-source solutions available that enable ungoverned code to run on select sites where it is installed, but those are not recommended or endorsed by Microsoft.

    The purpose behind the SharePoint Framework is to enable governance over all scripting solutions leveraged on SharePoint pages. This allows a SharePoint admin to disable a particular solution from all sites, immediately, from within the App Catalog. This centralized governance was not available when ad-hoc scripting was available in the site level only with page editing permissions, which caused potential security challenges.

    Please see this info about Getting Started with SPFx:

    If you do have specific scenarios (e.g. adding a call to…

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