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  1. Show recurring events in the new Event Web Part


    I have the new look Sharepoint online and I notice when creating events in the Events Web App, you don't have the option to configure as a recurring event.

    If you create the event and then go site contents > events and manually drill into the event and setup recurring, the event no longer shows up in the Events Web Part.

    I think being able to setup recurring events is basic functionality for any calendar so can we get the feature added/fixed?


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  2. Broken-link checker

    Provide a link-check service on all sites, so Site Owners can limit the amount of broken links across their sites. Applies to SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server.

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    Thanks for making this suggestion. We don’t currently have plans to implement this, but would love to better understand the scenarios and need.

    Do you expect that people are deleting pages, or changing pages/content names frequently enough that they’re breaking other pages/content without knowing it?
    Is the site owner responsible for fixing that content or the authors/editors moving the content around?

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