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Improve content types and content type hub-functionality

Content types:

Enable content type-based default values in addition to site column-based and location-based default values. Allow farm administrators to specify which takes priority in cases of conflict (and make them function reagardless of if the user creates a new document from the ribbon, uploads it or drag-and-drops it into the library)

Enable all and any sharepoint columns to be displayed, and when applicable edited, from within the document (not just in the ribbon). For example give us the option to automatically propagate your new unique farm-wide document ID-based url in the actual document content. would be fantastic for users that need to print out the document to be able to have a non location-based URL.

Content Type Hub:

Allow some way of specifying if and when a site Collection should inherit Changes from the CTH rather than the only option being prior to each CT subscriber job specifying on each and every site Collection, that yes I want those changes this time also.

Instead of resulting in a synchronization-conflict or creating duplicate content types, allow renaming of conent types on subscribing sites by changing the content type name (or column names for that matter) in the CTH and resynching them.

Do not! Do not send out a new copy of every template-file that has ever been associated with a content type to each and every subscribing site on every content type subscriber timer job. In fact do not send out actual documents at all. instead reference them from a managed template library. I know it is possible in 2013 as well although less than intuitive or even documented.

Give us an option to exclude synchronising all my sites (unless we specify that we want them included).

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  • Stefaan De Vreese commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    THIS: The options should include: Notify, Over-Write, or Ignore
    very much this! please MS do some rework on the content type hub

  • David DeKeizer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would add/emphasis the synchronization conflict, allow the selection of how the CTH handles when a subscribing site has a content type with the matching name.
    The options should include: Notify, Over-Write, or Ignore

  • VTassari commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Two of the most valuable features, site columns and content types, are not supported by the new experience and remove the ability to define a column/content type and update it globally if needed. The new experience MUST support these. Creating list/library columns, which in some cases are repeated, will be a maintenance nightmare.

    Restore all column types for new experience, especially lookup columns.

    This is a MAJOR FAIL for the new experience.

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