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  1. Modern SharePoint Search Center

    Please release a Modern SharePoint Search Center also, which supports setting up a dedicated responsible search evironment that works cross browser and allows us to search for managed properties and drill through the results with e.g. search refiners.

    Besides modern Team site publishing pages, new modern web parts, modern libraries and lists currently in preview and modern publishing sites planned for H1 calendar 2017, I haven't found any information regarding a modern SharePoint Search Center yet.

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    We have started modernizing the search results page a few years ago. It is available on every site under this URL: /_layouts/15/search.aspx/siteall?q=myquery. Also the new search box placed in the suite header has started rolling out to modern experiences, and will be available broadly by end of June. We will be making it available to classic sites later this year as well. Some customers redirect their classic search boxes to the modern results page already.

    The modern search experience is a part of the overall Microsoft Search experiences. See more details in this post: We will be bringing additional improvements to it later in 2019, and early 2020 as well including custom refiners, verticals, result types with modern display templates, as well as custom pages that can use modern web parts.

  2. Remove soft-deleted sites from Search Index

    When you soft-delete an Office Group, the connected team site is not removed from search index. When you click on the search result, an HTTP 403 is presented.
    The workaround from MS Support is to manually delete the site from the index.

    Also the site is still visible in "Recent Sites" and "Following" on SharePoint Home for every user. Workaround is that every user has to unfollow and wait until the site automatically removes from recent.

    Both is not acceptable and looks like a bug for me.
    Please remove soft-deleted sites from search index.

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