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please enable the ability to search queries containing Dashes

SharePoint search has always been annoying about this :
Many serial numbers or unique identifiers (including native SharePoint Document IDs) contain Dashes as separator. The problem is that, when querying the search engine with something like that : 5154-4496-1654, it will understand 5154 NOT 4496 NOT 1654 and then return nothing. This is REALLY anoying!!!!
Could you please change this?

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  • Dan Gøran Lunde commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Admin is actually incorrect here. The behavior in SharePoint depends on the culture setting. I have experienced similar strange behaviors. To prove my point I set up an automated test with to do scoped queries for 50.000 similar IDs. E.g. MyProperty="some-123-code" or MyProperty:"some-123-code".

    I then tested this in 20 different cultures. For Chinese and Korean especially we see unexpected, random failures. Inspecting ULS logs reveal that the Tokenizer extracts tokens like -123 unlike all other cultures.

    This request is not about simply making search queries work for dashes. It's about fixing the broken Tokenizer.

  • André Fonseca commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi, i think that for this particular case you could use your serial number inside double quotes.

    Like this "5154-4496-1654" and SharePoint search will understand it as a entire term and not 5154 Not 4496 Not 1654.

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