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  1. Display every Service Incident information post to all the tenants

  2. Wide Area Lookup - kind of - View filtered

  3. ■Title(件名) : OneDrive 配下に作成したサブ サイトで [サイトの利用状況] 機能が利用できない The Site Usage feature is not available for subsites created under OneDrive

  4. We want to enable the recording feature of Teams and restrict Stream features

  5. Improve the features in new SharePoint admin center

  6. Aggregate values in list items to create a chart with Quick Chart web part

  7. Item’s information of “Modified by” is changed to “System account” unintendedly

  8. Allow us to see the correct size of storage after purchased licenses

  9. Add "Pre/Post task" hooks for gulp build rig

  10. Flow deletion feeback

  11. Correct the behavior when searching URL to set item retention policy

  12. Prevent downloading the files by "View Only" users completely.

  13. Possibility to successfully add the new Site Page content type to a custom Wiki or Document library and improve functionality.

  14. Allow admins to manage private (unpublished) videos

  15. Keeping site collection after deleting team

  16. Be aware of the items are not displayed properly in grouped view.

  17. Select options that should be not displayed on the Item Details screen by the admin.

  18. Enhance SharePoint Online's list functions

  19. Distinguish between different sharepoint audit logs of 'file accessed'

  20. Enable renaming the SPO tenant domain  ·  working on it

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